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Rent Control

A Rush to Judgement

“Innovative” is the word Governor Kate Brown uses to describe the rent control bill being rushed through the Oregon Legislature.  “Innovative” is defined as “original,

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The Noose Tightens

The Noose Tightens

Like lemmings jumping off a cliff into the sea, Oregon Senate Democrats in pretty much a straight party line vote approved a proposal for the

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1031 exchange Portland Oregon

1031 exchange Portland

With T.J. Starker and Starker Forests, Inc., Oregon is fortunate it can lay claim to having birthed the modern like-kind real estate exchange.  God knows

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1031 exchange

1031 exchange lake oswego

Most folks considering a 1031 exchange don’t realize this one major income tax benefit left to real property owners all started here 40 years ago. 

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DST Property

DST Properties

All Sponsors Are Not Created Equal For those of you that have newly come to DST, it is critical to understand not all property sponsors

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