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DST Property

More Good Reasons To Use DSTs

They’re back!  And they’re at it again.  They, meaning Governor Kate Brown, Margot Black and their troglodytes in Salem and Portland. A troglodyte is loosely

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did you know?

I Bet You Didn’t Know

December 19, 2019 As the side of U-Haul vans running up and down the I-5 corridor proclaim, “I Bet You didn’t Know” that for the

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It's Not Too Late

It’s Not Too Late

December 5, 2019 As Left Coast city governments continue to careen down the path of progressive destruction; rent control, defenestration of landlord property rights, toleration

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Manmade Disasters & DSTs

October 9, 2019 Urbanization has gone terribly wrong up and down the West Coast.  Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles all suffer from the

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I Told You So Image

Told Ya So

September 19, 2019 We have been beating the drum longer and harder than anyone else regarding the need for Portland landlords to sell their rental

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Negative Interest Rates

DSTs and Negative Interest Rates

September 12, 2019 With President Trump banging the podium, calling the Fed “boneheads” and demanding “zero or less” interest rates and Alan Greenspan (yes, he’s

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DSTs And Recession

As our trade war with China deepens, U.S. stock markets haven’t made any real progress in 18 months and everywhere you look economic data is

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Portland Is Rotting From Within

Portland, Oregon Is Rotting From Within

According to a front-page editorial in the nationally syndicated Washington Examiner, entitled “Antifa anarchy, Portland’s apathy,” Portland’s streets, “once a haven for creativity and expression,

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Free Rent

DSTs and Free Rent

Last year Oregon became “the rent control state,” an ignominious distinction at best, when Governor Kate Brown signed into law a bill enacting statewide rent

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DSTs and the New Economic ERA

As panic mounts regarding the Coronavirus, investors will be concerned about how less travel and more social isolation will impact income producing properties. No one

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