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Celebrating 20 years

Peregrine Private Capital, a Newberg, Oregon -based provider of Delaware Statutory Trust (DST) properties for 1031 exchange purposes is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  Peregrine Private Capital worked hand-in-hand with Inland Private Capital (IPC) 20 years ago to bring the then, Delaware Business Trust or DBT to market as a new and innovative 1031 exchange solution.

The company was started by Robert Smith with a vision of helping people better manage their real property investments through the passive DST mechanism.  Managing your own dirt in your 20s, 30s, & 40s is ok.  It’s not so good in your 60s, 70s & 80s.  Hence, the awesome inevitability of DSTs as a 1031 exchange option.  The truly passive nature of these investments is otherwise difficult to find in the replacement property space.  They can help real property investors break the chains of management that bind them.

Considering this, the team at Peregrine Private Capital would like to thank our trusted partners and clients for all their support and business over the years.  We will continue to do everything possible to honor the confidence and trust that has been placed in us.  It’s also a great privilege to lead the Peregrine Private Capital team. 

Over the last two decades, Peregrine Private Capital has become one of the nation’s leading providers of DST properties for 1031 exchange at the retail level.   They have been a major participant in hundreds of property investment programs, totaling billions of dollars.  The company helps its investors manage their exchange process through intelligent property selection and diversification. 

Whenever possible, they attempt to apply Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) to real estate by constructing diversified portfolios of income producing properties that attempt to maximize returns without unacceptable levels of risk.  In so doing, they also enable investors to defer capital gains tax liability. 

Robert Smith is licensed to do business in: Oregon, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Louisiana, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, and Nebraska.

Robert Smith, President of Peregrine Private Capital Corp., is a founding member of the Alternative & Direct Investment Securities Association (ADISA) formerly known as REISA and TICA.  He helped frame the organization’s Code of Ethics and Consumer Best Practices Guidelines.  He has been a featured speaker at industry events and one of the first four professionals nominated for their ACE (A Champion of Excellence) award.  He was also a Finalist in Boomer Market’s Advisor of the Year Award.

The company’s investor list is long and distinguished, drawing from some of the most consequential commercial property owners on the West Coast.  Peregrine Private Capital looks forward to helping investors navigate the DST space for many years to come.  To learn more, contact the media outlets below.

All the best,

Robert S. Smith

  President, Peregrine Private Capital Corporation

  Financial Professional, Emerson Equity, LLC

General Disclosure:

Not an offer to buy, nor a solicitation to sell securities. All investing involves risk. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Speak to your finance and/or tax professional prior to investing. While information provided herein is from sources believed to be reliable, the author has not independently verified the statements. This information cannot be relied upon when making an investment decision.

Securities offered through Emerson Equity LLC Member: FINRA/SIPC. Only available in states where Emerson Equity LLC is registered. Emerson Equity LLC is not affiliated with any other entities identified in this communication.

1031 Risk Disclosure:

  • There is no guarantee that any strategy will be successful or achieve investment objectives;
  • Potential for property value loss – All real estate investments have the potential to lose value during the life of the investments;
  • Change of tax status – The income stream and depreciation schedule for any investment property may affect the property owner’s income bracket and/or tax status. An unfavorable tax ruling may cancel deferral of capital gains and result in immediate tax liabilities;
  • Potential for foreclosure – All financed real estate investments have potential for foreclosure;
  • Illiquidity – Because 1031 exchanges are commonly offered through private placement offerings and are illiquid securities. There is no secondary market for these investments.
  • Reduction or Elimination of Monthly Cash Flow Distributions – Like any investment in real estate, if a property unexpectedly loses tenants or sustains substantial damage, there is potential for suspension of cash flow distributions;
  • Impact of fees/expenses – Costs associated with the transaction may impact investors’ returns and may outweigh the tax benefits